The Fundamental Baptist Church of Bingerville

The Mach Family moved to the city of Bingerville at the beginning of their second term in Jan. of 2000. On June 18, 2000, they opened the Fundamental Baptist Church of Bingerville. The Lord has wonderfully blessed and grown this ministry in the years since its inception. Many in the church have demonstrated good spiritual maturity by becoming involved in the church ministries. Through its various ministries, the church is very active in reaching Bingerville for Christ.

As well, the missions program is progressing well. We have instructed our people in faith promise giving and seen fruit in this program. We are supporting seven church planting missionaries in the countries of Côte d'Ivoire and Mali. During the summer, our youth are divided into groups to visit these missionaries. They take part in church building construction, door to door evangelism, Bible clubs, prison ministry, village evangelistic campaigns, and the Sunday services in each church.

Alpha Baptist Literacy Center

As a ministry of the Fundamental Baptist Church of Bingerville, the Alpha Baptist Literacy Center opened in 2001 to teach people to be able to read their Bibles. Our literacy classes provide many opportunities for us to discuss the Scriptures, especially with muslims. These adults are visiting our church according to the course program and many are coming to Christ. Our literacy school has been recognized by the government as the best program in our region. Our literacy classes recently received a visit from the Minister of Education here in Côte d‘Ivoire who congratulated us for the work we are doing. Our literacy school was declared the best in the eastern Abidjan region which comprises at least two million people. The result of this effort has been a large number of decisions for Christ from our students. We have many of our church members who will give testimony as to how they came to Christ through the literacy school.

Publication Center

The Publication Center is increasing in importance in the overall ministry here in Côte d’Ivoire. We are publishing manuals regarding ordinations, missions programs, and church finances. These will be a great help to all our local churches in the country. We are looking into publishing some books that have gone out of print. As well, we are translating books from English to French. There is a significant lack of materials available in French, and we are continuing to overcome that problem. As well, we are making many different manuals available to our pastors and churches for their use. The publication center will continue to play a very important role in the future here.